New Release - 'Branching Out'



A blend of rhythmic smooth jazz and new age instrumental music. Melody lines are keyboard-based, using virtual piano, electric piano and electronica-type virtual instrument sounds to provide an upbeat and varied listening experience.

Now available for download on CDBaby and on I-Tunes. Samples can be heard on those sites (they are not available this site). Use the contact form to tell me if you would like to purchase physical CDs as quantities are limited and I am not currently selling physical CDs of Branching Out on this website's CD store.




'Taken For Granite'

Taken For Granite is the prior venture, expanding into the realm of  Contemporary ("Smooth") Jazz, with all-virtual instruments, including piano, drums, bass, organ, guitar and other sounds. Various upbeat rhythms include some songs with a Latin feel, supplemented with congas, bongos, shakers, tambourine and other percussion elements.

There are ten cuts, including a piano ballad (A Place to Stay) and two new-age-influenced pieces (Picturesque and Within the Calm).

Goin' Chopin is a Latin-rhythm take-off of Frederic Chopin's Prelude in C-Minor (Opus 28, Number 20).

All the music is composed by Barry Wylde, who performed and edited all the virtual instrument parts. Total playing time is over 55 minutes.

Samples from Taken For Granite