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These People Were 'Being Instrumental'

Many thanks to Edward Bruck for his awesome photography, which I used for most of  the “headers” on the website and for the cover on Being Instrumental.

Thanks to Patricia Baughman for her encouragement, for helping me edit the website content and for many hours of critical listening to the various stages of Being Instrumental.

Thanks to Ted Howe for teaching me how not to "just play at" the piano. Thanks as well for his inspiration as well as the inspiration from many other great musicians and composers.

Thanks to William Allgood at Allgood Media Services, Atlanta, Georgia for his great engineering skills on all my CDs.

Thanks to Maryann Impeduglia Westfall at Jumping Weasel Graphic Design for her great CD graphics on all my CDs.

Thanks to Jennifer Maddox for her many hours of critical listening and help with song titles in creating the Familiar Touch CD.

Special Acknowledgement

Special thanks to my wonderful parents who, if they were still alive, would have loved to hear and see what I had done.

Thanks also to my wonderful sisters, Ellen and Rhona, for their encouragement.