Testimonial - Wylde Domain

I love Wylde Domain. Barry Wylde really comes to life here with a CD that embraces a range of musical genres, capturing a cheerful mood, before finally diving into a quiet reverie. This CD makes my heart dance. Like another of my favorite pianists, Laurence Hobgood, Barry Wylde's music is original, expressing a dynamic sensibility.


Testimonials - Solo Piano CDs

[Familiar Touch:] “Barry, my wife and I can’t put your CD down. I was an admirer [when I heard you playing the piano], but now I am a big fan of yours. Listening to your music helped me a great deal. [Due to my medical condition,] the battle to keep hope alive becomes very challenging. It is at those times music becomes my therapy. I am so glad I now have your music in my life. As I listened to your music and read the inside cover, I came to realize the profound theme and message of Familiar Touch…..I cannot say thank you enough for sharing this with me.”


[Reaching A New Age and Hand Over The Keys:] I enjoy playing Reaching a New Age. “This cd put step in my walk. I agree with you, it makes a great gift. Hand Over The Keys is a very deep piece of music. I play this cd into my sleep, I play it throughout my day and I will play all 3 CDs one after the other. I sit at times in my living room and gaze into the night and listen to Hand Over The Keys. This cd brings out current love, past love and an array of emotions within me. Barry, thank you so much for your music. It is very special.”


[Hand Over The Keys and Reaching A New Age:]
"I get a lot of stuff, as you can imagine, and it's definitely some of the best stuff I've ever received. I was very impressed with the playing and the sound. My wife likes it and she's a good barometer."

Popular Grammy-nominated/platinum New Age Artist [permission to use name not obtained]

“Congratulations on your albums! Familiar Touch is lovely! Hand Over the Keys is gorgeous! Reaching A New Age is also great!”

D.S. [musician/video promoter]

“We loved listening to Reaching A New Age this week. Congrats on another great CD – we’re in awe!”

K.A., M.D. & D.A., M.D.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed [Hand Over the Keys]! You have such a great gift. Looking forward to your next release!"


[Hand Over The Keys and Reaching A New Age:] “Thank you for your two piano CD’s. They are fabulous! Maybe one day [my daughters who play the piano] will be able to make a CD!”

B.& J.S.

“It’s Sunday morning and my wife and I are sitting here listening to Hand Over the Keys and I wanted to write you and tell you how much we love your music. I got it for [my wife, D.] last Christmas. We both hope you do another recording. [After listening to someone else’s CD and then again to your CD,] I realized how beautiful your work is. You have a special knack at getting to an unshackled joy, both delicate and strong, that I find so moving. I find your work as good as George Winston’s or Liz Story’s. Thanks for adding beauty and joy to our lives.”

D.& T.S.

Testimonials - 'Being Instrumental'

"[Being Instrumental] is absolutely spectacular! I can't believe how good it is!"

Eddie B. [a friend who may be somewhat biased]

"I've listened to [Being Instrumental] with the biggest smile on my face .  The 'other' instruments add a richness to the songs - very beautiful!"

J.M. [a friend who is definitely biased, but who can be brutally honest as well]

"The music and arrangements are superb....it's really great."


"I am really amazed at what you've accomplished with Being Instrumental. The addition of instruments adds a whole new dimension that naturally complements what you've don with the piano. Very nice! We look forward to hearing more!"

D.A., M.D. and K.A., M.D.

I just wanted to let you know how beautiful your new CD is...and the cover fits it perfectly. This is a whole other side of your talent I didn't know about...composing with all the various other instruments joining piano! I like the addition of other instrumentation....it really works well with your piano. I love all the shifting of dynamics in the new songs. Thanks so much for dropping that by for us!

And I think you should seriously consider looking into a career as a composer for movies....your music is so emotion-driven, so full of feeling and drama, listening to it is more than just an audio experience....I can also tell you that whenever people watch our movie ["Who Nose"; I wrote 3 piano pieces for that film, which included the piano for the song, "Love Knows"], the part that they always mention as being their favorite part and the most moving part is the ending where your music is in it, and nobody ever talked about it before we put YOUR music in there. Your music is what transformed it into something moving....I want your music to get into major motion pictures so you can be nominated for best music soundtrack for something!

Thanks so much for sharing your profound talent!

Z.H. (friend)

Great work, Barry!!! I LOVE 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, and 12. So beautiful. I am impressed that each song is so different. I still think I like #4 the most--this is REALLY nice, Barry!

I have been listening on the drive to work (one hour) to relax. This week I will play it for the kids--and hope it helps THEM to relax :) I am in fact listening again as i write. The CD cover/jacket thingy is nice. I esp like the pic of inside the piano--that is a cool touch.

L.W. (friend)

The CD is awesome!! It is both beautiful and relaxing. I see how much you've grown in your work as an artist. You are truly sharing your gifts with the world, Barry!

R.B. (relative)

I have been listening to your music, marveling at its extreme pleasantness and as far as I am concerned better than Philip Glass. Congratulations to you. You really need a wider audience. Your composition is excellent. I enjoyed listening to the disc four times this evening.

L.L. (new fan who goes to my gym)

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